"After being diagnosed with Anorexia, my life was labelled with doom!"

I was in and out of hospital for a year. Being wheel chaired and watched in the bathroom, having to stay seated in the shower.


I was in the butterfly day program for 6 months. I had weekly weigh ins for 3 years at the hospital. I had no will to live. 

"I didn't believe recovery was possible.."

I tried all the treatments under the sun. I lost count of all the professionals who'd passed me on because I was too difficult for their case. 

 I wanted to recover for my family. 

After a few years with Carly, my happiness and health is natural and apparent in all areas. She didn't give up. My independence and my will to live has grown immensely.

"My recovery now isn't only for my family , it's also for me"


 My recovery is one for the world.


Carly has made it clear that my dreams of helping others can be turned into reality. I believe I am worthy and I know I can have a positive impact. 

Carly has shown me how much the patience and positivity of one person can help. 

 Carly was and still is the only form of therapy I need. She is consistently teaching me ways to have true happiness and health.

"Carly has provided me with knowledge to access the intrinsic tools I need for success"


She's transformed my life for the better without any use of drugs.


I've recommend Carly to many people & I will continue to do so.


 I am proud to say she's taught me to be present, to take a breath and enjoy the moment.


 Carly's enlightened my life with so many tools to handle hard  times. 

 After working closely with Carly, My life has turned around for the. Better; I have direction and purpose. My life is full of lessons, love and happy moments.

Megan, Melbourne Australia

I came to see Carly as she had been referred to me from a friend.

I was having difficulties sleeping and was feeling heavier and sadder every day.

After a few sessions with Carly I began to feel lighter and gained more clarity and insight as to where these feelings had stemmed from and what I had to learn from them.

Knowledge is power and Carly not only heals she teaches and empowers.

Many thanks Carly

Angela, Berwick Victoria

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