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June 24, 2017

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Have You Felt You're on The Spiritual Road to Nowhere Too?

March 9, 2018











I have been on my spiritual path for some years now.


Like most of us on this path, I was down and out which forced me to question life and ask the big questions like " who am I and what is the point?"


I began this journey with passion, excitement and in my mind, an end date. An end date for the pain, confusion, frustration and despair that I often felt. I waited patiently to be excused from human duty.


It was simple, do a, then b, then c if I want to achieve d. Coolio, done. All the books said so. If you these steps.


I kept my promise. I did my end of the deal. I went to all the workshops, I studied my little butt off, I became a master, I even became a teacher. Yet still I found myself with the same worldly, human problems as others.

I decided I'd go straight to the top for this one.

I went into my usual meditation time and asked the question. 

" I thought if I became an enlightened one and committed to my path, my life would be exempt from these things. In fact, I'm far more sensitive now than I was before. I can feel others pain as though it's my own, I feel the changes in the earth, I can feel fear and pain in animals, plants AND humans. This is harder than it was before. I don't get it?"


 I waited for a response. I waited, I waited and I waited. Then just like that I was shown a box. A gift box.


It became clear to me. My gifts were the very things that I was choosing to view as my biggest triggers. The point was to learn how to craft them. How to use them to the best of my ability. How to support and heal others.  In fact, because I was so in tune and sensitive my job had become so much easier.


Sometimes what we resist persists. Our biggest challenges are in fact our biggest gifts. When we choose   to trust and embrace without the fear and control we begin to get in the flow of life. 


When we choose to place a different meaning on things, we can then view our lives as a gift as we evolve. 


So what if you made a new decision? Perhaps to follow your spiritual path, view yourself differently or to see an outcome in a different light?


Our worlds can change and expand in the blink of an eye if we choose to see it that way.



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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