September 19, 2017

June 24, 2017

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Are You Living or Existing?

September 19, 2017

Recently I found myself deep in thought about life and suddenly I wondered if I knew my time was soon to be finished here on earth, what would I be most proud of and what would my achievements be?


Living life has different meaning to different people. For some people it is travelling and adrenaline activities such as jumping out of a aeroplane and walking across hot coals. While for others it might be the ability to give yourself heart and soul to your loved ones and others may have a legacy to leave to the whole world in the form of a book, a song , art or poetry.




Most people are very sensitive to this topic so if that's you, you really need to read this. Be brave and confront this.


The next immensely powerful, yet totally confronting question that I engaged in was, if I was writing a piece for my own eulogy, what would it say?


And last but not least, if you were looking back at your life and you had to fill in what you had done with it what would you say?


Now please, stop panicking!

It really is a wonderful opportunity to really go deep to make some changes or strive ahead if you are stuck. It's also a powerful way to gain clarity on your path forward.

You see, most people are walking around still sleeping. Letting life pass them by, joining into the masses in terms of their thinking and action taking and many people are asking the question, " Who am I, who do I want to be and what am I suppose to be doing?"


If we move forward to the end of our lives and ask " Who was I, what did I do with my life, what bought me the most love and joy and do I have any regrets?" It's a much more powerful way of taking action now, in our now moment while we are still able to.


Most people wait until they are sick or a life changing situation comes along before they take action.

We all think we have so many years ahead of us to get it together. But the truth is none of us know how long we have and that's not taking into account the quality of our lives.

The next truth is that only 30% of people make it to see their 90th birthdays.


We all have an outlook that is life is only good and acceptable if we live to an old age. When people pass over at a young age we grieve and feel that life was unfair to them. I agree, it is preferable to live as long as possible. However saying that, I also know many people who are existing rather than living.


I know people in their 20's or even younger who lived whole heartedly and embraced all that life had on offer before leaving their human suits and moving on.


So why not try this on for size, go forward in quiet meditation and imagine you are looking back on your life and ask yourself these questions,


1. Who was I?

2. What bought me the most joy and love in this life?

3. What did I do with my time here?

4. What would I do differently?


Now get to work and put a plan in place to fulfil these outcomes while you can. Live Life in Harmony xx

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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