Reiki Courses

Reiki is hands on natural healing and offers the relief of many conditions such as stress, physical and emotional pain, injuries, anxiety, trauma and shock and supports general well being in a person. 

Reiki assists the body in it's natural ability to heal itself.

Once a person has been attuned to Reiki Energy the person is ready to begin using this technique.

 Reiki is powerful for anyone who works in the area of body work, massage, teachers, nurses, corporate areas, parents, tradies, factory workers, children etc.


People who are sensitive to energies who have a keen interest in keeping their homes and work spaces clear from negativity  and who desire  to further their knowledge in natural healing and spiritual development.

Reiki has three levels

Reiki 1

Reiki 2 

and Master Reiki Training.

Simply attaining Reiki 1 is enough to begin working on yourself, family and friends and is a wonderful tool to add to your tool box.


Reiki 1 is a two day  workshop :

Saturday 26th 10am until 4pm and 

Sunday 27th 10am until 4pm August 2017

Call Carly for further details and availabilities.


Who Can Use Reiki?

Weekly Classes and Support

Meditation and Spiritual Development Classes

Meditation is a powerful and highly effective way in achieving inner peace and permanent change.

Classes are professional yet relaxed and groups are small to ensure a person has plenty of opportunity to seek support and gain deeper insight into their psychology.

Monday Evening: 7:pm until 9:pm

Wednesday Evening:7:pm until 9:pm

Friday Mornings: 10am until 12:pm

Please phone Carly for availabilities. 

0438 618 587

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