Why Choose Coaching?

Personal coaching sessions are for people who are ready to break through limitations, gain deep personal insight, clear limiting beliefs, achieve personal goals and most of all, learn how to get out of their own way.

We all have patterns and beliefs that shape our lives. Some are helpful and some are very limiting. 

Working with a coach helps to identify the self sabotage we experience when we have a unconscious inner conflict going on or beliefs which are holding us back. 

These inner conflicts may sound like, " I really want a boyfriend." but deep down in our unconscious we have a belief that says " If I get a boyfriend, he will try to own me and I can't stand being smothered." or it might sound like " I really want a career," while deep in your unconscious you have a belief telling you that " All good mothers stay home to look after their families not go out to work."

These are some examples of reasons why we may not be getting what we say we want.

There are so many limiting beliefs, patterns and programs going on in our unconscious that without working with a coach, it is impossible to get to.

Coaching can help you identify, clear and create new and positive beliefs and pathways forward to live beyond your own limits.

Coaching packages are available in 3, 5 and 10 sessions and are designed for the individual.

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