Carly Sinclair
Reiki Master

Spiritual Healer

Master Life Coach

Reiki Teacher

Meditation and Spiritual Development Teacher

Flower Essence Therapist

Master NLP Practitioner

Holistic Counselor

Access Bars Practitioner.



'Carly Sinclair, principle of Live Life in Harmony is a qualified and experienced Reiki Master and Teacher, Spiritual Healer,Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Flower Essence Therapist, Master Life Coach,Meditation and Spiritual Development Teacher. Please see and coming dates for,classes, courses and workshops.

Carly has a natural gift for healing and teaching.

This intuitive gift has developed over many years of study and practice.

Her dedication to herself, her family and her community at Live Life in Harmony has enabled her business to continue to grow and develop over the years and her passion in helping families connect and communicate together is one of her biggest strengths.


Her love of healing and teaching comes through in her classes and workshops and her passion in teaching and giving people the tools required to empower themselves throughout life is her main driver.


Carly is committed in helping others to "Live Life in Harmony' and grow their consciousness to see themselves and the world with possibilities.


Personal Healings.

Healings are a combination of many modalities ranging from Reiki, Spiritual Healings, Flower Essences, Hypnosis and Life Coaching techniques

As each of us are unique, the type of healing used during each session is also unique and Carly is intuitively  guided as to what a person is needing at the time.

As with all modalities, each one provides a person with the emotional freedom to choose a new way of being and experiencing life and enables a person to make new choices from a place of consciousness.

Flower Essence Therapy

Is a powerful tool to help a person clear unconscious blocks holding them back from Living Life in Harmony.

The Flowers work on a person's unconscious mind and is a wonderful tool to support children and adults.

The healing provides a person with a feeling of calmness and wisdom giving them the ability to move beyond emotional and physical pain.

Flower Essences are a gentle yet highly effective way to heal the mind and physical body ranging from anxiety and stress to to self sabatage and feeling blocked.

Meditation and Spiritual Development Classes.

Meditation is a powerful way to clear the mind in order to bring forward new concepts and more beneficial feelings and thoughts.

When we are in these higher states solutions and and new possibilities present.

From here we can begin a healing process and our belief systems can be upgraded.

All classes are accompanied with a spiritual development activity to help in deeper understanding of  the self, trust and inner knowing.

Groups are in a  professional and safe environment and classes are designed to support a person regardless of where they're at on their spiritual path.

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